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African Caribbean Cultural Potpourri Inc. (A.C.C.P.I.) / Caribbean Potpourri was created in 1984 by Mrs. Eleanor Wiltshire Rodney, and has made significant contributions in the Arts, Education and Humanitarian fields, both locally and globally.


It is dedicated to:

  • Preserving the heritage of youths of African-Caribbean descent and providing a forum to showcase the talent of African-Canadian youth

  • Fundraising for a wide variety of worthy causes in the community

  • Providing annual scholarship awards to reward and celebrate high-school students for their Academic Excellence and Outstanding Community Service


Highlights in the Arts include the Caribbean Potpourri Annual Fundraising Variety Show, which has helped nurture many sensational local stars including:

  • Andrea Henry - member of Canada's first Pop Star's group Sugar Jones

  • Isaiah Grant - played Simba in Royal Alexandra's 2004-5 production of the Lion King

  • Kimahli Powell - went on to director-level positions with organizations such as Toronto Film Festival, Trey Anthony Productions, and Obsidian Theatre Company


Highlights in Education include the Heritage Classes for elementary students, and leadership training for youth of African Caribbean heritage conducted between 1992 - 2004. And, in 1992, Caribbean Potpourri gave birth to A.C.C.P.I. and ran a Jobs Ontario Youth Programme to place participants in career specific jobs and maintained a job skills workshop.

This year marks the 30th Anniversary Celebration on Sunday, June 1, 2014.


The event has donated its funds to several worthwhile causes over the years, including:


Youth Scholarship Awards

Neighbour-to-Neighbour Food Bank

Ethiopia Relief Fund

Caribbean and African Disaster Relief

Nelson Mandela Children's Foundation

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